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FashionUSA Vogue’s glossy, 20-page fashion editorials, on the other hand, do not really live on the internet. Though a few may be available online, their main home is within the physical pages of the magazine. They offer a mark of difference from the blurry images casually consumed for free on the internet; they help to make fashion magazines escapist paradises suitable for securing high-end advertising. They are designed to be pored over slowly by invested readers, perhaps while sipping red wine in the bath. Only time will tell if such an experience will one day appeal to iPhone-addicted millennials.

Among the old guard in the industry, glossy fashionable photo shoots remain gravely important. Editors and buyers still discuss them reverentially at fashion shows; photographers and stylists use the cachet of shooting for Vogue to secure commercial jobs. They are a measure of power, creativity and cultural clout; a connection to the rarefied worlds of art and photography.


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As you may know, every week we keep tabs on the  best dresses. While we sit back and applaud the stars who top the charts week after week, we should give credit where credit is due. As much as we would like to think the stars are picking out their own red carpet looks each morning, we really should thank the stylists for blessing us with endless wardrobe envy.

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